meaningless lines

Thursday, November 23, 2006

meaningless lines

We arrived to the day we knew that we can’t go on any more. We agreed for the sake of our love to send every now and then a life sign, a missed call or sms or an email just to say I am here I am still alive. Days passed, and one day I found his name on my missed calls list, I got my life sign and under the spell of the moment I was about to send one to him but my finger froze on the dialing button how could I say I am alive while I am not since we are apart?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Meaningless lines

There was a time that I though that not knowing is like looking at the world through a key hole, and I dreamt of opening the door to get the whole picture. Now, with a push of a button I can bring the world to me. Yet the pleasure of knowing fades underneath the burden of responsibility. Knowing means sharing feelings, and pain of others. It means taking part of battles that not even yours, taking sides, and making choices between endless choices. It means, being responsible of taking action that should change or relief. Although you hide behind the screen of a PC or TV, yet you are in the middle of the dilemma and you are untitled to untie the philosophical knots that result from knowing. Knowledge begins as falls of wonder and pleasure and ends as floods that wash away with it the borders between right and wrong, the thin line between lies and truth. Floods that isolates you and trap you in a corner, and life the beautiful simple life as you knew it is replaced by far more complicated one and you are haunted by the faces, voices and words you see, hear or read on your screens for ever as you become responsible.