meaningless lines

Friday, July 06, 2007

I never thought that I can gain more friends; I never thought that I can add more people in my life. But life never ceases to surprise me. You came out of no where, we met in a crowd, every thing was hazy but your face, there was noise but my ears could only hear you. I remembered a song that I loved long time ago (how did you get here no one suppose to be here) and with a wonder look I asked you how did you get into my heart no one suppose to be there?

Monday, July 02, 2007

-We met on our ways each heading in the opposite direction. Mine was about to end and yours was about to begin. From the few words we exchanged you admired my wisdom and I longed to the foolish boldness of your fresh souls. You asked me to teach you, it couldn’t be taught; wisdom comes with a painful price that had to be paid before you get it. It is like a package. You didn’t give up; you had your share of pain, yet no wisdom, but more anger and persistence. You wanted to make a deal, an exchange of our pain and my wisdom. Few minutes of thinking I agreed. Putting your hand on my heart, I felt so relieved with you absorbing all the pain, taking my wisdom along. I didn’t care and it didn’t seem to matter in front of the calmness that came over me. Suddenly I felt confused and lost, I opened my eyes to see your face full of pain and tears were falling form your eyes I understood that you couldn’t bare both pain, mine and yours in the same soul, I put my hands on your heart and saw how beautiful your soul is, how young how full of life, and love and all this you will give away for a wisdom that will come with time, and who said my wisdom will work with your problems. Who said my life can be copy of yours, you will lose your identity to be copy me. I followed by the book sometimes and followed my heart other times maybe in the wrong times I mixed up but you have to figure everything on your own. I took my pain and wisdom back you felt that and open your eyes wondering I smiled and said the deal is off, you will be angry now but after few steps more on your journey you will be grateful that your trip will be unique not a mimic.