meaningless lines

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

meaningless lines 2 (b)

I saw her from a distance in the middle of my way she was there sitting with her black fading into grey cloths due to time and dirt. Time engraved his marks deeply on her face which seems so pale from illness. She was begging passing people for money I turned my eyes away and passed her speeding up my steps. I walked away her voice still reaches me I asked myself is she will just disappear just because I don’t see her any more does her existence will cease just by ignoring her, does her sufferness will end by my leaving he street ? I turned back while searching for money in my pocket I stuck in her hand and rapidly and walked away wondering did I do that out of guilt , or for God’s sake or just to stop her voice from chasing me. I don’t know.

meaningless lines 2 (a)

Sitting in my car stuck in traffic, I looked to the people who surrounded me. I wished I can invade each one’s brain and know every thing about them who they are, are they happy? Or sad? Where they are going? I wanted to unite with them to taste their life feel their happiness, anger sadness and love. I wondered about the taxi driver does he make enough money can he afford his daughter marriage? Besides me I wondered about the man driving his kids back from school is he a good father? is he happy with his wife? is he going to live to see them grow up? I wondered about the girl in behind she seems nice is she is really nice she talk on the mobile whom she is talking to a friend or her lover? Is she nice or double faced human. I wondered and wondered and the circle getting wider and wider more people are entering into it the light went green and we all moved. I guess that is why I become e a psychologist to be able to invade people brains.

meaninglesslines 2

After chasing her with my eyes for many months and noticing that she is totally different than all the girls I always chased and she even provoked different kind of feelings inside me, I made my move towards her. I stood in front of her giving her my deep invading look and while I was waiting for her to melt and fall in my love she bursted in loud laughter and replied to my amazed look I had on my face by saying : you must think that your are God’s gift to women . Teased by her words I replied in anger and maybe you aren’t woman enough to appreciate it. She stood up with a half of smile on her lips and left. We never talked again and I never understood the half smile she had before she went. I tried to tease her by going out with all the girls she knew but she kept this half smile when ever our eyes met. I remembered all that when I saw her after many years passing by with her husband and two kids, while I am still smacking down girls with my deep invading smile but never found real love never felt the way I felt for her she was the land that I wasn’t able to conquer she was God’s gift that I didn’t appreciate and now I know that her smile was mocking me for that.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

كأننا فى ماتش كورة

هى مصر ملهاش غير فى الكورة؟ هذة المرة انا لن اكتب شعر او قصة انا فقط اسالكم هذا السؤال وبما انكم من مفكرى مصر الشباب و مثقفينها ارجوكم ساعدونى اذا كان لدينا القدرة على الالتفاف حول هدف واحد ان نكون كما يحدث ايام المباريات الخاصة بمصر ان يتحول السبعين مليون (او اكثر بلاش نعد علشان الحسد) الى قلب واحد و صوت واحد موجهه لهدف واحد اين يذهب هذا الحماس بين المباريات و اين كان قبل هذة البطولة؟

و اذا كان السبب هو الاستاد وان التجمع فيه له هذا المفعول السحرى على العقول و القلوب اذن فان كل مشاكلنا قد حلت لاننا نقدر نجيب كل المصريين من الفئات المختلفة زى الاخوة العمال و نجيب قصدهم كام عامل افريقى و ندخلهم ماتش فى الانتاج و باقى الناس تشجعهم و نعمل كده مع كل قوى الشعب العاملة و ممكن نضم كمان كبارات البلد علشان يمكن يتكسفوا على دمهم من التشجيع و يخلوا قلبهم علينا اكثر شوية. و اظن صوت السبعين مليون اللى حول اللعيبة الكسر بتوعنا الى انداد الكوت ديفوار ممكن يعمل كده. و حاجة تانية هو الشباب الى زى الفل الى رسموا العلم و على وجههم و ذهبوا الى الاستاد و بعد ذلك ظلوا سهرانين الى الفجر فى الشوارع يهتفوا باسم مصر كان ممكن يسهروا كده بنفس الهمة و الحماس فى مشروع او هدف اخر غير الكورة ؟ ممكن يرسموا العلم على قلوبهم كل يوم بعد البطولة و يكون كل حلم ليهم كانه ماتش كورة و كل واحد فيهم صاحب حلم الباقى يشجعوا و كانهم فى ماتش كورة ؟ و يا ترى لما سهروا يشجعوا و يهتفوا لحد الفجر صلوه و لا ؟؟؟

عموما السؤال لسه مطروح للنقاش و صحيح الى هيجاوب عليه لن يكسب موبيل او لاب توب بس اكيد هيكسب ثواب فيا و فى مصر (اللى ربنا يستر ويكون على الاقل ليها فى الكورة).


1) I woke up in the morning, looking around I was terrified by the shadows on the wall surrounding me, the light, supposed to reveal the hidden in the dark, and the light revealed all my haunted ghosts and draw them to me on my walls, the light revealed all my fears and faced me with them where can I go now, there is no place to hide.2) When we are children I used to get her candy and open her hand pushing them proudly in her hand and her laughter would make my heart jumps. When we were teenagers I used to bring her roses and hand them to her while kissing them and her shy smile and blushed face would make my heart shivers. Now, I meet her with empty hands and her encouraging smile makes my heart shiver from fear, candy and roses don’t build homes, don’t buy dreams.3) I sit there in the corner watching her, wondering how does her magic really works she is master piece I hate all of her yet I collapse when she looks at me. How can she manipulate me that way how can she look through me so deep that I can feel her eyes cutting through the emptiness inside me? Each times I feel she will make her move against me I keep busy with other stuff I keep concentrating on one word resist, resist, resist, I smoke, I drink, I write, I laugh, I call people for help, and the moment she touches me I fall into pieces in her hand and no one no one can collect me but her. What a pure madness!!!