meaningless lines

Monday, May 29, 2006

Drums of temptations

Drums of temptations these are my heart beats, they rise up like African drums in the jungle beaten to expel evil spirits. Hundreds of tempting thoughts dance in my imagination, like a gipsy dancer in a full moon night, seducing me, manipulating me reshaping every inch of me hundreds of times, till I lose the track of who I am, till I lose the logic behind my resistance but I don’t surrender to the charm of temptations. I want to smoke but my chest can’t take it, I want drink but I am drunk enough by my thoughts. I want to be wild but my wisdom can’t take it, I want to stop repeating the same mistakes over and over again but it is too tempting and I want to be a writer but I am terrified of what I write A. One of my painful temptations is betraying you. The bitter sweat sinful thoughts, all the heat that wrap the place when he is around, all the roaring waves of passion that boils inside me when I hear his voice, makes the sound drums get louder and louder, yet I cant betray you, he is my deepest temptation, a wild dream, like a movie stars that pass by my dreams but you are life, you are my home. I can’t betray you. I just wish that the drums expel the evil spirit.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

words seller

He looked up to the smoke cloud exhaled of his dying cigarette and as if he was reading words written on it, he falls back on the piece of paper in front of him, push away his coffee and throw the words carelessly on its lines. After he finished, he nodded with his head to a man who was waiting anxiously for him. The man ran with his eyes rapidly through the lines and with a satisfied smile on his face, he handed him some money. He counted them with the same careless look on his face and announced with his hand that the man can leave. He was lucky that day, it was one of these days when words jump or fall off the tip of his pen to embrace the lines in warm passion. Not one of the other days when he push his pen to write yet, the pen seems too dry that it scratches the paper beneath it. The pen seems too heavy for him to carry words seems like puzzles that refuse to be solved and the lines refuse to give birth of his thoughts and feelings. One of these days, years ago he believed that his talent dried up and he couldn’t bear to relive this feeling once more, he couldn’t tolerate the abortion of his feelings so he stopped writing. When he missed writing he wasn’t brave enough to carry the burden of his talent, so he started to sell his words, that what he became, a words’ seller.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

that is me ;)

You Are a Peacemaker Soul
You strive to please others and compromise anyway you can.War or conflict bothers you, and you would do anything to keep the peace.You are a good mediator and a true negotiator.Sometimes you do too much, trying so hard to make people happy.
While you keep the peace, you tend to be secretly judgmental.You lose respect for people who don't like to both give and take.On the flip side, you've got a graet sense of humor and wit.You're always dimplomatic and able to give good advice.
Souls you are most compatible with: Warrior Soul, Hunter Soul and Visionary Soul
What Kind of Soul Are You?

wow I am Ghandi and type A personality to those who know me you are lucky :)))))

You Have A Type A- Personality
You are one of the most balanced people aroundMotivated and focused, you are good at getting what you wantYou rule at success, but success doesn't rule you.
When it's playtime, you really know how to kick backWhether it's hanging out with friends or doing something you love!You live life to the fullest - encorporating the best of both worlds

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

meaningless lines

Yes I hated you. See what monster you have created. One that is capable of doing anything and everything. I have lied, I have cheated, and I was even willing to kill. Kill you for what you have did and didn’t. I hated you and I hated myself even more. I not being able to return you love by love I could only hate you. I have no answers, so don’t ask why. I couldn’t leave, days passed by while I was watching myself changing couldn’t stop it I wanted to fit in the image people saw in us, but I hated us. Even the place so called home, hated me I could feel its walls getting tighter and tighter every day expelling me out of it. It was a long painful labor but the moment I walked away. I thought I was reborn again yet your curse haunted me, and I am still paying the price of hating you.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Love being tagged

1-Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as your dinner guest? As your close friend? As your lover?
Close friend: my soul mateLover: the male version of my soul mate
2- Would you be willing to reduce your life expectancy by five years to become extremely attractive?
- NO way.
3- Would you rather spend a month on vacation with your parents or put in overtime at your current job for four weeks without extra compensation?
4- When did you last cry by yourself? In front of another person?
- Last week on my own few days ago in front of a friend of mine. I usually don’t cry that often.
5- If 100 people your age were chosen at random, how many do you think you’d find leading a more satisfying life than yours?
-None as I never met someone who is satisfied with what he or she got.

6- If you had the choice of one intimate soul mate and no other close friends, or of no such soul mate and many friends and acquaintances, which would you choose?
- that is a tough one but my soul mate is a very good friend too so I will go for my soul mate.

7- Do you think your friends would agree with one another about the kind of person you are?
- Yes they do I only disagree with them.
8- Would you prefer to be blind or deaf?
I used to irritate my friend with this question when I was teenager.
SO that how they felt, actually don’t know.

9- How many of your friendships have lasted more than ten years? Which of your current friends do you feel will still be important to you ten years from now?
- Maybe five or six and I guess there is more than one will be important each of my friends is important to me in he or she own way.

10- If you could mould to your liking your memories of any past experience, would you do so?
- I don’t get the question maybe due to the fact that my first language is Chinese!!!

11- Would you be content with a marriage of the highest quality in all respects but one – it completely lacked sex?

- What that question aims to? Can’t talk about sex in public place.
- 12- If you were happily married, and then met someone you felt was certain to always bring you deeply passionate, intoxicating love, would you leave your spouse? What if you had kids?
- The same comment as the previous one.

13- Relative of the population at large? How do you rate your physical attractiveness? Your intelligence? Your personality?
- Super of course you should see me:)))

14- If you could script the basic plot for the dream you will have tonight, what would the story be?
- That is what I do every night and I would love to have a dream that my diet worked ;)

15- While out one day, you are surprised to see your father holding hands with someone who is clearly his lover, he begs you not to say anything to your mother. How would you respond? What if your mother later told you that she was going crazy thinking that your father was having an affair yet knew it was just her imagination?
- Well of course it would be pure imagination and the answer is I wont tell her but I will talk to him.
16- If you had to spend the next 2 years inside a small but fully provisioned Antarctic shelter with one other person, whom would you like to have with you?
- My kids

17- You become involved romantically but after 6 months realize you need to end the relationship. If you were certain the person would commit suicide if you were to leave and were also certain you could not be happy with the person, what would you do?
- I would try to make him walk out of it. by driving him crazy.

18- What was your most enjoyable dream? Your worst nightmare?

-My worst nightmare is that the lions on the Kaserel3ani bridge would move and attack people:( .

-My most enjoyable dream I have long list.1

9- If by sacrificing your life you could contribute so much to the world you would be honored by all nations, would you be willing to do so? If so, would you make the sacrifice knowing that someone you thoroughly disliked would received that honor while you went unrecognized?
-If I am willing to make a scarify than it means I am not selfish so I would mind if any one took the credit for it as long as the aim of this scarify is fulfilled.

20- Would you like your spouse to be both smarter and more attractive than you are?

-I am not sure but I guess it would be nice.

21- You discover that your wonderful one-year-old child is, because of a mix-up at the hospital, not yours. Would you want to exchange the child to try and correct the mistake?
Yes Of course but I have to maintain relationship a close one with the other parents too.

22- When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?

- I usually sing in my car and I sing for my baby niece, yesterday I was singing to her Mohamed Mounir song BRAH ELSHBABIK. (I guess they should don’t leave with her alone for long time).

23- Which sex do you think has it easier in our culture? Have you ever wished you were of the opposite sex?

-I used to want to be a man because we are in male society but when I read that women seek equality with men lack ambition I realised that being a female is a great bless. At least I am a mom.

24- What are your most compulsive habits? Do you regularly struggle to break these habits?

- I DON’T THINK I have one oh no wait I look to my car side mirror, with no need to do so, if I am not comfortable with the company I have with. I eat when I am depressed. YES but it doesn’t work.

25- Would you enjoy spending a month of solitude in a beautiful natural setting? Food and shelter would be provided but you would not see another person.
- never I rather be in a fully crowded place but food is nice touch :)

26- If you knew you would die of an incurable disease within 3 months, would you allow yourself to be frozen within the week if you knew it would give you a modest chance of being revived in 1,000 years and living a greatly extended life?

- No who knows maybe when I am back to life I would die form shock of what I see

27- You are invited to a party that will be attended by many fascinating people you’ve never met. Would you want to go if you had to go by yourself?
-Although I hate being alone yet I would go I like exploring

28- If you were at a friend’s house for thanksgiving dinner and you found a dead cockroach in your salad, what would you do?

- I would ignore and stop eating it already happened but not in a friend home I was invited out by a friend and I feared to insult her as she picked the place so I pretended that I am not feeling that well .

29- If someone you love deeply is brutally murdered and you know the identity of the murderer, who unfortunately is acquitted of the crime. Would you seek revenge?
- don’t think so I am not that kind

So what else??

There is no where to run

- Free me.
- -I can’t you know that.
- Then why you are here?
She wasn’t surprise by the question she was asking it to herself many times before she came up to the cell he is locked in. But she had no answer she was hoping that when she will see him she will understand but she could give neither herself nor him one. She turned her face away to hide her tears. Looking from the only slit in the wall it is too small to be called a window yet it allows him to view her bedroom. She was shocked from that fact so she looked at him and as if he read her thoughts; yes I can see you from here , they made this window just in front of me he smiles ironically they couldn’t find something better than that to torture me with. He said that and turned his face away to hide his tears, she ran to him held his face between her hands; I am sorry I didn’t know they did that I am sorry.
-Would it make a difference? You know I am here I am only few steps and still you live your life as if I don’t exist.

-That isn’t true I die every day because of you, you aren’t few step away from me you are here in my heart and s he took his chained hand and put it over her heart and kissed it.

-Then free me let me have a life too I wont come near you or hurt you, I will go away.
- You know that isn’t possible you know that if I did you will kill me.

-How can I do that I will die if I did?

-You will kill my soul I will lose myself to yours and this isn’t the life I want to live.
-with begging eyes, please I al dying here I can’t breath my heart is torn my soul is fading away I just want to smell the fresh air, see the stars and taste the sea one more time just one more time. I will let you live in peace I promise. Tears rolled on his face to her hands and his voice was capture by the strength of his sadness.

-You know that is not all what you miss and not all what you want to taste.

He looked at her with that look she know well so she stepped away from him although knowing he can’t harm her because of his chains yet she stepped back while he was trying to get loose screaming at her ; then go why you came here just to show me that you won the battle that you took lead after all ok you did you won but for how long I am not only in your heart but guess what I am also in your soul you also miss that taste as I do you long for these doomed feelings even more than I do I was only your excuses to have it but the truth is that we are one, I am just the other face of the coin. Lock as you want, tie me ,close even the slit, but my voice will reach you, your heart beat will be mine, there is no where you can hide there is no where to run .

She ran outside the cell falling into deep cry. There is no where to run

Thursday, May 18, 2006


-We met and you said: let us settle this matter once and for all. I said: ok let us do that! then you brought your hand up on the table to play hand wrestling.

- We met and again you said: let us settle this matter once and for all. I said after a brief moment of silence ok let us try to do that! Then you put a piece of blank paper on the table and drew X and O squares and said: you start!!!!.

-Last time we met and you said: do you think we can really settle this matter forever? I smiled and shook my head wondering and didn’t say anything then you stretched your hand to put a rose in front of me with a smile on your face. Well now this matter is finally closed.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


جلست التقط انفاسى من عناء زيارة زوجتى على الرغم من اعتيادى اياها الا انى اعتبرها نذير الرحيل عن مكان عملى . عموما انا لاامانع فقد حان الوقت لقد فقدت الاثارة هنا لقد كانت الفريسة سهلة جدا هذة المرة سهولة جعلت من اى محاولة صيدها اهدار لطاقتى. كانت مختلفة عن كل الاخريات لا تعلم اصول اللعبة لا تعلم انى مجرد رجل احب زوجتى و لا اريد ان اخونها انا فقط اريد ان اضيف بعض الاثارة لحياتى اعشق ذلك الاحسا س الذى يسبق الحب انا لا اريد ان احب انا احب زوجتى لدرجة الجنون و هى الزوجة التى يحسدنى عليها الجميع نحن الزوجان المثالين فهى كل ما اريد و اكثر تفهمنى و تقرانى ككتا ب مفتوح حتى ضعفى هذا تعامله كنوع من الادمان تعلم لو انى تخليت عنه لن اكون نفس الرجل الذى تحب سينطفىء داخلى شىء و تعلم ان قلبى لن يتمكن من عشقها بهذا العنف لو لم يرى نظرة الاعجاب فى عيون الاخريات لو لم يستمتع لمحاولاتهن لجذب انتباهى و انتزاع اعجابى. والان ورقة لاكتب استقالتى و مكالمة لبا ئع الورد ليجهزالباقة المعتادة و يجب ان افكر فى هدية تتناسب مع غباء هذة الساذجة التى كشفت كل اوراقى تماما امام زوجتى فضحتنى او ربما فضحت الاكذوبة التى تحاول ان تبرر بها لنفسها صبرها على عموما انا لم و لن اخونها و هى تلم ذلك كل ما فى الامر هو انى اعشق التحدى و اعشق ان اجد مفتاح كل فتاة ان استطع ان اتكلم لغتها و ان اكون الصديق الذى تبحث عنه الاخ الذى تفتقده ما ذنبى لو اسئن فهمى و عبروا ذللك الخيط الرفيع بين الصداقة و الحب. ربما سيكون من المناسب ان ازرو الصائغ ربما قلب صغير من الماس سيجعلها تنسى عن هذة الفتاة التى لا يمكن ان تكون الصياد .

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

سئمت حبك

جلست فى السيارة التقط انفاسى, كم اصبحت مملة تلك المسرحية سئمت زيارتى المفاجئة لك فى مكان عملك كلما تنتقل الى عمل جديد لاعلن عن وجودى فى حياتك لكل فتاة تنبهر بك و تقع فريسة لذلك السحر الغامض فى عينيك. سئمت نظرة التحدى لاى انثى سئمت التحفز و الاستفزاز المستمرلقدراتى كامراة. و كلما امنت مكان مللته انت لترحل الى اخر, و يتكرر نفس السيناريو انا تعبت الم تتعب انت؟ و فجاءة تذكرت صورة هذة الفتاة المسكينة صفعتنى برائتها و هى تندفع خارج المكتب, لانها هذة المرة لست كهولاء الفيتات الى طالما رأيتهم معك تفوح منهن رائحة الرخص و تكاد تهزمنى وقاحتهن. الا انى تعلمت مع الوقت ان ارسم حروف اسمى الاولى على قلبك ان اترك رائحة عطرى على قمصانك و خصلات شعرى تعربد على كتفك لتعلن بوضوح انا كنت هنا و هذة ارضى وغير مسموح بالدخلاء. شعرت بالالم يجتاحنى, ربى لقد ظننت ان قلبى من كثرة جراحه لم يعد به مكان يمكن ان اجرح فيه و لا اعلم لما فأجتنى برأة هذة الفتاة هكذا, الانها ذكرتنى بحقيقة طمستها الاخريا ت, بانك انت الصياد و لست الفريسة, حقيقة طالما عرفتها فيك و لكن جرأتهن اوهمتنى بانك ضعيف امام اغراءهن. لكنك انت الذى لا تكتفى, اعلم انك لا تملك الجراءة الكافية على خيانتى اعلم ان تهوى ان تعيش شعور الصياد الذى يطارد الفريسة على ان تتذوقها بالفعل . ضحكت بصمت اعلم الان ما سيحدث ستعود الى المنزل محملا بالورود و هدية و ساعيش امسية جميلة اكون فيها ملكتك المتوجة كم انت بارع يا حبيبى بارعا فى فنون العشق و الهوى تماما كبراعتك فى جرحى لااعلم عما تبحث ظننت انه لا يوجد ما يمكن ان تعطيه المرأة لرجلها اكثر مما اعطيك ربما هى نشوة الامتلاك واى شيء اخر لااعلمه. كل ما اخشاه ان ياتى يوم امل فيه طعم مرارة انكسارى و ان تنتصر العاشقة المهزومة بداخلى على الانثى المنتشية بفكرة انك فى النهاية تعود الى فراشها هى كل ليلة اخشى ان اسئم كل هذة الالعاب و المرواغات ان اسئم حبك فارحل بلا عودة.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

احبك و لكن

To a very dear friend of mine you always inspire me, hope you enjoy it.

دخلت فجاءة الى المكتب فى زيارة غير متوقعة, فى لحظة عصفت باحلامى كلها. كنت اعلم انها موجودة من الخاتم حول اصبعك و لكنى محوت اسمها و نقشت اسمى بدلا منه. كنت اعلم انها هناك نتنظرك فى مكان ما من صورتها على مكتبك و لكنى حللت صورتى بدلا منها. نعم كانت موجودة فى حكاياتك و اسمها الذى تردده كل حين كانك تؤكد لى وجودها و لكن كل هذا ابدلت انا فيه اسمى. اعلم ان هذا درب من الجنون و لكنه بالنسبة لى كان اقل ايلاما من فكرة وجودها. و اليوم اقتحمت بزيارتها هذة مخبئى تجسدت واقع امامى, واقع لن استطيع ان امحوه او ابدله هذة المر,ة و كانها ابت ان ترك لى هذة المساحة التى تجمعنا, ترفض ان ترك لى هذة الساعا ت القليلة التى ا كون فيها معك. جاءت و لم تعلم انها فتحت فى قلبى جرح و القتنى فى دوامة اخرجنى منها صوتك يقدمنى لها و قد كنت هربت من هذا بادعاء انهماكى الشديد فى العمل فلم الحظ دخولها سلمت و هربت الى الحمام لاخفى دموعى. لما هى هكذا رائعة الجمال لما هى هكذا لطيفة لقد دمرت كل نظرياتى حول زواجك التعيس و حول ان ارتباطك بها من دافع الشفقة و لولا انك انسان عظيم لكنت تركتها يوم رايتنى و اعلنت عن حبك لى. لقد نسفت كل هذا نسفاو ونظرت الى وجهى فى المراة, و لكنى انا ايضا جميلة و رائعة و كان يجب ان اكون انا التى معك انا التى يقترن اسمك باسمها انا التى ترى ابتسامتك اول شىء فى الصباح انا التى تعلم كم معلقة سكر تحب فى الشاى و كيف تحب ان يكون دافئا. انا الى تعلم بما تحلم عندما تنام و انا التى تحتضن ملابسك و تقبلها قبل ان تضعها فى دولابك و انا التى تختار لك عطرك و كرافتاتك. انا فقط التى تقف مبهورة برجولتك عندما تقف لتحلق ذقنك فى الصباح, و انا التى تتفنن فى اعداد غدائك. انا التى كان يجب ان تحمل ابنائك و نسميهم سويا هذا على اسم ابيك و تلك على اسم امى انا التى يجب ان تجلس معك والصق كتفى بكتفك و اداعبك بان اختلس نظرات الى جريدتك و اخفيها منك مبررة بانها تاخذك منى فتتركها لنتحدث سويا عن احلامنا لبكرة و نجدد عهود الهوى و الغرام نعم انا و ليست هى. ولكن ها هى هنا تذكرنى بان كل هذا لن يكون ففرحتك بلقائها و نظراتك لها ليست الا حب ربما سؤ حظى جعلك تقابلها قبلى ربما لو رايتنى قبلها لكنت انا حقا مكانها ربما و ربما و الف ربما لن تجد جواب ربما انت لم تدخل قلبى الا لانه فراغا من حب يملئه لانك كنت اول رجل اقترب منه هكذا اراه كل يوم و امضى مع معظم نهارى و انت لست الا رمز لحب اريده و ابحث عنه لو لم تكن انت لكان غيرك لكان اى احد يشغل هذا المكتب يحتل قلبى مكانك كم انا مغفلة لكى انساق وراء وهم رسمه لى اشتياقى و عطشى للحب نعم يجب ان تكون مشاعرى نحوك مجرد وهم يجب ان تكون زيارتها اليوم هى الصفعة التى تردنى الى ارض الواقع انت لست لى و انا ايضا لست لك كم كان جميلا ان احبك و لكن الاجمل ان اجد من يبادلى الحب و ان يرضى بى انا فقط دون عن نساء العالم كله. غسلت دموعى و وهم حبك و نفضت عن خيالى صورتك و خرجت ليس الى المكتب بل الى الخارج لاملاء صدرى بهواء نقى خالى من انفاسك كى اشفى منك.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

4 انا و انت و البلوج

I would like to thank nerro for drawing my attention that I did like the egyptain tv and post number 5 before number 4

المكان:البلكونة طمعا فى نسمة باردة فى تلك الايام الفطيس
الزمان: قبل نص الليل بشوية
الاشخاص: الواد الرزل ياكل رز مع الملائكة ( يا دى المصيبة لو كانوا طفشوا منه).
انت فى البلكونة مع كومة جرائد قومية و معارضة و صفراء و تريكيواز اشتريتها علشان تلقى حاجة تتسلى عليها غيرى.
انا متجهة الى البلكونة مع اكبر مج نسكافية حيث اعددت حتة قاعدة اللاب توب و الراديو على البرنامج الموسيقى و حتة شوكلاتة كادبورى باللوز والزبيب من الحجم الكبير و الافكار بتطنط فى دماغى والبلوج فى انتظارى.

انا : الجو جميل و الدنيا ربي--------------------* دادادا دندن موسقى مقتبسة من فيلم رعب
انت من وراء شاشة الكمبيوتر: لاقيت الواد روؤف صاحبى اون لاين الواد ده مسخرة هاهاهاها.
انا تحت تأثير صدمة عصبية حادة : لا بجد.
انت: الله الله ده ميدو دخل هو كمان دى القعدة هتحلو
انا: امنى قلبى بالافراح ارجع و قلبى كله جراح*.
انت:والنبى و انت جاية هاتى معاكى مياه.
انا: لن استسلم لاحتلال مالهم القلم و الورق ده حتى من فات قديمه تاه.

عودة الى البلكونة كلاكيت تانى مرة

انا اغنى: عدى النهار و المغربية جاية تتخفى ورا طهر الشجر و علشان نتوه فى السكة شالت من ليالينا القمر*
انت : هو انت محتاجة الكمبيوتر فى حاجة؟ اصل ميدو هيبعتلى كام جون حكاية؟
انا:لا خد راحتك ابقى اكتب بعد ماتخلص.
انت: طب ولو مافيهاش رزالة ممكن تجيبى كيس اللب من جواه؟
انا: هى فيها رزالة بس ماشى حاضر ياسيدى و تاج راسى (باتسامة الصداقة على وجهى مع جز على الاسنان)
انت: لذيذة موت.
انا: جاب سلاحه و طيراته ....دباباته و غواصاته واعتدى علشان نسلم* .

عودة الى البلكونة كلاكيت ثالث مرة

انا: لا ده مين لا ده بعده هو اللى تتلقى وعده *
اخيرا جلست و احاول ان اللملم افكارى اللى اتبعترت من اثر هذا الاحتلال الغاشم على الكمبيوتر و عندما امسكت القلم و فى اللحظة اللى ربنا فرجها فيها
انت: بقولك ايه ما تخليكى جدعة كده و تقومى تعمللنا كوباية شاى ؟
انا : ماشى ما تشوف كده ميدو و رؤوف يمكن يحبوا يشربوا حاجة ؟
انت: ياسلام دمك خفيف اوى يالا بسرعة.
انا خارجة من البلكونة و رافعة ايدى للسما : هو ده يارب اللى كنت بقوللك عليه الراجل اللى هناك ده شايفه يعنى لو ممكن انت عارف طلبى و يبقى كتر خيرك.
انت: انتى بتدعى عليا؟؟؟
انا: لا ابدا ده انا بوصى على واحد معرفة!!!
* اغانى من التراث .

Saturday, May 06, 2006

انا و انت و البلوج 5

المكان: دخلنا تانى جواه اصل الجيران قالين سمك النهاردة.
الزمان: ساعة عصارى.
الاشخاص: عودة الندل الواد الرزل .
انا من وراء شاشة الكمبيوتر: شفت التمبلات الجديد بتاعى؟*
انت: شفته مش الورد المدلدل ؟*
انا: مدلدل؟؟؟*
الواد الرزل: يعنى ايه ورد مدلدل يا ماما؟
انا: اسال بابا يا حبيبى.
انا:بص شفت انا قفشتك بتدخل على البلوج ازاى من ورايا؟
انت: يعنى انا احب برضه ابص كل شوية.
انا بسعادة بلهاء: طب يا راجل كنت سيب مرة كدة كومنت و لا حتى دحرج التماسى.
انت: انتى فاكرانى فاضى زى العيال الهايفة دى.
انا فى سرى يظهر الغداء كبس على دماغ الراجل انا قلت لام محمد بلاش التقلية.
انت:على فكرة فى واد سمج بيسيب كومنتس كده مالهاش لازمة .
الواد الرزل: ماما يعنى سمج؟
انا بصوت منخفض: السمج يا حبيبى و هو شخص شبه بابا كده بس اطول شوية.
الواد الرزل: زى خالو كده يا ماما؟
انا: ؟؟؟؟
انا مستدركة: طب و فيها اية دى مساحة حرة ممكن اى حد يدخل و يكتب اللى هو عاوزه؟
انت: انا كنت هامسحه بس احترمت حريتك الشخصية و ان البلوج بتاعك.
انا: اصيل يا ابو العيال يا بتاع الحرية الشخصية انت.
انت: هاسيبك انت اللى تمسحيه!!

* اهداء من بلوجاية اصيلة الاخت وندرر نشكرها بشدة وعنف حتى تستغيث.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

انا و انت و البلوج (3

المكان: يعنى هنروح فين ادينا متلائحين
الزمان: ساعة بدرى عن كل مرة
الاشخاص:نقدم لكم فى اول ظهور الطفل المعجزة: الواد الرزل

الواد الرزل: ماما ماما هو مين اقوى انا ولا القطة؟
انا: انت طبعا يا حبييبى
انت بعد اول رشفة من الماج الموجود امامك: ايه ده ايه البتاع ده؟
انا من وراء شاشة الكمبيوتر و باتسامة فخر: دا كا بتشينو بطعم الهازل نت.
انت: هازل ايه؟
انا مازالت متفائلة : يعنى بطعم البندق يا حياتى ايه رايك حكاية مش كده؟
انت:بندق ايه القهوة يعنى قهوة و بس ده اسمه عك
انا فى سرى ايش فههمك انت فى القهوة انت يا دوب عليك حلبة حصى
الواد الرزل : ماما ماما هو انا اقوى ولا الكلب؟
انا مستعيدة هدوء اعصابى: انت طبعا
الواد الرزل يستعرض عضلاته التى هى زى الفتلة و اتا ارد عليه باتسامة و احاول التركيز مرة اخرى
انا: بتحفز: يعنى ماسالتنيش عن البوست بتاع النهاردة؟
انت: ماهو انت بتقولى لوحدك
انا : اشمعنى يعنى بتعرف تسال طبخة لنا ايه؟
انت : ياريت تبقى فى المطبخ زى البلوج
انا: انت بتقارن بين البلوج و المطبخ يعنى الاكلة اللى اضيع فيها ساعات و سيادتك تزلطها فى ثوانى زى الخواطراللى بحط فيها عصارة روحى و خلاصة افكارى .
انت: ياريت تبقى تحطى شوية من الخلاصة دى المرة الجاية فى الخضار يمكن يتظبط شوية
الواد الرزل: ماما ماما هو مبن اقوى انا ولا الديناصور؟
انا:؟؟؟؟؟؟ هو الواد ده طالع اهبل لمين؟
انت: ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

To nerro with love ( imitation trial 3)

I worked hard on this one hope you will like it.
I don’t want to go to work fa I thought about calling T to have a sick leave or something but I am not good in lying I hate it so I pushed myself out of bed dressed in one of my favorite colors trying to put myself in a better mood. In the car I put on my favorite music to relax a bit. Then for my surprise the car stopped just like that with no funny noise or shaking just stopped. Fa I went keda "I don’t need that now I am on the middle of the 6 Oct. Bridge" I stepped out of the car knowing nothing about mechanical troubles of cars I tried to pretend that I do and I opened the car and looked inside mmmm!!!! …On a second thought I will ask for help I tried to stop a taxi driver but no hope what happened to the men in the country. I started to sweat when I noticed that it is hot and I am late for work fa I decided to call M and ask her to tell T that I am stuck here we keda, I asked her if she knows anything about cars fa she was silent showia than she said ya3ni things which I didn’t figure out, because the traffic police interrupted my call shouting from a distance and moving his hands in way that I figured out that he is asking me to move the car as it is slowing the road. I replied with a stupid smile and trying to be clam in front of his stupid attitude and said "I can ‘t'' , when he came closer he was asking why I stopped here? so I replied ''actually I enjoy doing that every morning when I am late to work I come here and stop so you can come and ask me to move'' by the end of my sentence I lost my smile and the other face of being a Gemini started to appear but that was the wrong answer to the wrong guy as he opened his mouth widely and starred at me in a way irritated me more. fa I went back to the car to avoid losing it completely and tried to be nice to the car of course not the traffic man and as I am Omi Da3iali the car just started again Wallahi keda on its own so I waved good bye to the guy and burst in laughter when I imagined him believing what I just told him about the my habit of stopping on the bridge when I am late to work no way now he will believe that there was a problem with the car.

Monday, May 01, 2006

انا و انت و البلوج 2


المكان: نفس مكان كل مرة
الزمان: نفس الوقت و الميعاد
الاشخاص: هما هما بتوع كل مرة

انا من وراء شاشة الكمبيوتر : اقرلك البوست الجديد بتاعى؟
انت من وراء الجريدة: ماشى
انا: النهاردة يوم لونه بنفسجى و طعمه زى العرقسوس
انت: نعم
انا: ده العنوان
انت : و بعدين
انا : و بس لسه بافكر فى الباقى
انت: سوال بسيط هويعنى ايه يوم بنفسجى و طعم العرقسوس
انا : لسه باحاو ل اكتب. بس دي الطريقة الجديدة فى الكتابة الميتافور .
انت: الايه ؟؟
انا: ميتافور يعنى كلام عادى بس وراه معانى تانية .
انت: استعارة يعنى طب و اية الاستعارة فى البنفسجى و العرقسوس.
انا: الحزن الدفين يا استاذ
انت: مش فاهم
انا : البنفسجى لون غامق طلمة يعبر عن الغيوم يعنى يوم مغيم مش باين له شمس.
انت: و العرقسوس؟
انا: مشروب لونه بنفسجى ماشين مع بعض يعنى.
انت:العرقسوس لونه بنى مش بنفسجى هو اي كلام و خلاص
انا: بعصبية : انا مش بحب العرقسوس و بالتالى اليوم لما يبقى طعمه زىالعرقسوس يبقى منيل زى الليلة اللى مش هتعدى دى.
انت محاولا كتم ضحكة : طيب طيب كملى.
انا: لا خلاص انت طلعتنى من المود.