meaningless lines

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The moon, some see it as romantic symbol for lovers but I see it as a sign for werewolfs to transform. Some would say, but werewolfs are fairytales and I would say so are lovers.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

meaningless lines

I want you! The real you, I get very angry when I listen to your hollow pointless words and phrases, they are totally irrelevant to what I feel toward you. I want to reveal you from beneath all of your veils. I want to tear off all your masks and step over them with my foot. I want to suck the real you with a long deep kiss out of your body, to free your soul and let you loose. One of my great battles and last raids is you. I lost my patience and got tired from dealing with your phony eyes, being lost in your maze and misled by the shell you are hiding in. Your eyes beg me not to win, not to trigger you, not to push you to an edge where you will have no choice but to let go and open up for me. Your eyes expose your fear that I will win this chess game, going on between us for while. A fear that ,when you will lose control, I will be driven away by your reality but I don’t care if you are a hidden treasure or haunted by bunch of ghosts. If you don’t believe me wait till I show you the real me.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Meaningless lines

We met after years, he still have his warm welcoming smile. It was nice to run into him although our last meeting was painful, as I declared that I can’t share him with other women. After exchanging the regular greetings and questions about life, he said I was the only true love in his life, and that he always loved me even before daring to tell me. But he knew deep down in his heart that he isn’t up to my standard. So he used others to escape from my love. Each woman reminded him with a part of me. Each one of them was a piece in puzzle that fitted altogether to make his heart complete. He couldn’t spare any of them, he needed them all. He added that he although all that, he was still missing me, but it was too late as he was already known as a playboy that scared me away. He said he still loves me and he doesn’t wish that I love him back but only that I believe what he said. Stunned by what he said and with a dull face hiding a mixture of happiness and doubts, I left without any word besides the regular goodbye. I loved him and maybe still do but I can never trust him he is a lair by nature.